Paper Cuts and Illustration

This illustration I made for the poster of Shakespearys Midsommer Night Dream by Ryhmäteatteri. So it was cut out from a white paper with a very sharp knife. I admire Lotte Reinigerś classical silhouette animations from twenties. In paper cut there is a beginning of basic illustration techniques.
Some black scrape board illustration vignettes. Starting from black to produce light in a way like “drawing photos” with needle. Suggestion for a pulp fiction book illustration 1979.
Paperinleikkaus siluettikuva, joss akatsoja täydentää kuvaa aika tavalla.
Paper cut vignette image for one newspaper print article 1984. It is much easier to imagine how everything is there to make just this outline silhouette. I have always admired old pictographs like Isotype- symbols
Small wave is a homage for Japanese prints. It is a linocut work. (2016) First you have a black form and then you start to take away cuts if it is needed. I think it is the best illustration technique to do these.