Water Photos and Disposable Sculptures 1982

Fractus Untitled Movie –Face painting project, Jari Silvennoinen & Kai Rentola 1982. We used two carousel projectors to show this 24 slides animation. The idea was to show a net of diagonal vectors connecting all the main propositions of a human face. (working somehow like in origami masks). Later I scanned  and made a digital presentation about it.
Water Photos and Disposable Sculptures, 1982, a main view from kirjatyöntekijänkatu 4, Helsinki. It was an old butchers shop where we have this studio. Jari Silvennoinen had took these full color photo prints which  were so “belissima”.
The poster of “Water Photos and Disposable Sculptures”, 1982. A3 print, where photo of Jari Silvennoinen and similar reflection idea of Kai Rentola as paper construction. The exhibition situated in kirjatyöntekijänkatu 4 in Kruunuhaka, Helsinki. It was an old butchers shop.
The window sideview: An organic paper installation, these forms were destroyed just after the show.
This one is quite a complicated relief of paper folding. It is possible to see that some constructivist artists (maybe Vasarely) have studied of these structures.
This metamorphosis from stick to flat square was made of light orange paper board. I have not found the original list of works of that exhibition, so I have only this document about it. I had no idea what I could get when I started to fold and change one measure of tetra so I was so surprised to get this.